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This rack features a huge 2,000 pound weight rating thanks to sturdy 2.4-inch, 12-gauge square steel uprights, so it can handle whatever weight you’re going to be putting on it. As with any piece of fitness equipment, there is no single "best" option. The fact is, the best power rack for you may differ greatly from the best power rack for someone else. Knowing your fitness goals, typical workout, price range, and available space is the first step to finding the best power rack for you. Really, you will not find a folding rack at this price built with such quality components.

A power rack with a cable machine is also a good choice for those who employ a bodybuilding style of training. Some power racks with cable machines stand out above the rest, and that’s the case for our pick in this category — the Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack. You’ll find this rack is good for limited space as well, as it’s 87 inches tall by 47 inches wide with an interior depth of 29 inches.

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The 16-gauge steel uprights feature 1-inch holes spaced 2 inches apart for easy adjustments. While I would prefer to see 11- or 12-gauge steel uprights, 16-gauge will do just fine for most people. With a weight capacity of 750 pounds racked and/or on the pull-up bar, the Synergee Power Rack is plenty strong enough for most lifting enthusiasts. A power rack is a quintessential piece of fitness equipment for any home-gym owner looking to bring their weight training to the next level.

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Force USA boasts that there are over 400 exercise possibilities available with this dynamic power rack. If you’re short on space and don’t have room for 20 different machines, this will cover you with a footprint of just 70 inches wide, 87 inches deep, and 92 inches tall. Folding racks come in a variety of ingenious designs, and their popularity has caused many more companies to manufacture folding options. The purpose of a folding power rack is to enable many people to install a rack even in tight quarters. Our pick for best foldable power rack features a unique design that sees it shining over the competition.

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It’s also likely you may want to buy every attachment because they all look so cool and fun — or maybe that’s just us. Oftentimes, it’s best to start small and grow your rack and attachment assortment as your training and needs yallahomegym progress. This pick has a plethora of attachments available that you can pick up over time. Having a garage gym or basement gym is awesome, but so is actually being able to park in your garage and store stuff in your basement.

Titan also provides reinforced J-hooks with UHMW plastic to protect the knurling on your barbell. The REP PR-5000 is an incredibly well-made, customizable power rack for your home gym. This heavy-duty rack is constructed from 11-gauge steel uprights with 2-inch hole spacing and 1-inch pin holes. Offering a great variety of attachment options, the PR-5000 is not only built to last but designed to grow with your changing fitness needs. With access to a power rack whenever you want it, there are few muscle groups, modalities, or disciplines you can’t train.

Spotting arms, bench pressing is no longer an exercise that might be life threatening. The more exercises you can perform with a rack, the more useful the rack is going to be to you. We selected racks that can accommodate a solid number of exercises regardless of their size to ensure you are getting the most out of your purchase. While some are inevitably more flexible than others and some may require you to purchase additional accessories, every option on this list can help you exercise a wide range of movements. Anyone who wants a wider cable distance for more of a cable crossover feel. The pulleys are only 48 inches apart making it harder for those with longer arms to do crossover type movements.

Precision built from the ground up, the MyRack is a full rack that is manufactured with state of the art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. Our weight lifting cage has been designed to stand the test of time and training. Each production run is tested to meet rigorous safety standards and weight ranges before it’s shipped. Featuring a multi-position overhead pull-up bar and both a high and low row pulley system, users can build muscle in a variety of ways.